Pineline Poultry began in 2011 by just selling chicken eggs to a few customers. Now 3 years later we have begun selling pork products to our customers. What a ways we have come!! This year we are selling Duck eggs. All the grain is raised here on the farm and is GMO free.  This way we know where our feed comes from and what exactly is in it. This is how we are able to keep our costs down and pass a savings on to our customers that most other farms do not have the luxury to do. We believe in humane approaches to the way our animals are raised and harvested. Its the reason that we started to butcher our own chickens in the Fall of 2011. And all of our animals are grass fed or given access to grass. Grass offers much better nutrients to the animals and to the people who eat the animals. For more information about Pineline Poultry and Meats, visit our website.

About Products & Animals

We raise Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens, as they are a very round bird giving everyone something to enjoy. As of November 2012 we have started raising pork to sell to our customers. This pork comes from a line of Heritage Gloucestershire Old Spots. They have a beautiful combination of meat to fat. They are raised on fresh pasture and are also given feed that we grow and grind on the farm.
The beef that Pineline Poultry sells is raised and bred on our father farm, Thomas View Farm, and is then purchased from them (which is us also). It usually takes 2 years after birth to harvest these Galloways. They are known to be juicier and more tender than the Black Angus, also cuter.

2014 adds another new adventure for us. We have just purchased a few Katahdin Lambs to breed and harvest. Lamb will be ready by 2015!

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